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  Looking for an Architect? Welcome to findarchitects.co.uk

If you are considering doing anything that involves moving or removing walls, or if you plan on doing any new construction, the chances are that you would benefit greatly by hiring an architect.

Choosing the right architect can really make the difference in ensuring a successful project, and it is very important that you have a good working relationship with you architect. Make sure you contact a number of different architects in your area (using the listings provided on this site of course!) and interview them all. You need to consider whether the architect listens to your ideas, and offers creative but sensible, and financially possible solutions to your requests.

Review the academic and professional credentials and awards of your short list of architects. Also ask for references and call them. Of course the architect is unlikely to provide you with a bad reference, but ask previous clients for the good and bad side of the work done, and how problems were overcome.

Make sure you are aware how the architects fees are structured. It could be either a fixed price, a percentage of total construction cost, or on an hourly time and materials basis. It is vital to know the fee structure before you begin, and also how you plan to handle changes to the plans once you have started, because they will certainly change.

Finally make sure that all the elements of the contract are put down clearly in writing, and that you agree to the terms. The contract should include a detailed description of the job, total budget and architects fee, and don't forget a schedule of completion.

Now, let's find you an architect!

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